7 of 2021's Hottest Hairstyles

Hair trends come and go, but switching up your style with an of-the-moment look can help you feel refreshed. Whether it's testing out new hair colors or attempting a new style altogether, 2021 has many great hair trends for you to try. 

Last year's trends were more focused on natural texture and hassle-free hairstyles. And 2021 takes in some of those trends while also adding plenty of newer ones.

Here're the hottest hairstyles that we've been seeing everywhere this year:

Blunt Edges

1. Blunt Edges

Hairstyles with blunt ends are the hottest trend right now. This unique hairdo makes you look super chic and bold. No matter your hair length or face shape, the sharp cuts on your hair's edges cast a perfect frame on your face. On top of that, it gives your hair a thicker and healthy-looking effect. While we’re seeing it more on lob and bob hairstyles, you can do it with any hair length and hair type. 

2. Long Layers

You're in luck if you have long hair because you can add a few layers to those locks and instantly go with the long layers trend. Curly, straight, or wavy hair, long layers work perfectly with any hair type, thanks to their versatility.

Layers add outline, movement, and structure to your hair, besides framing your face and enhancing your aesthetic features. They come with enough growth potential and don't require tedious touch-ups every week. The best part: layers come in many different shapes and profiles; you can adjust them according to your hair's texture and type.  

3. Long Bangs

Long bangs instantly transform your look. And the good news is that there are countless options for everyone to wear long bangs because this hairstyle suits all hair types and face shapes. From sharp bangs to curtain bangs and swingy bangs to those softer face-framing bangs, there's something for everyone. 

Bangs add a touch of a more relaxed and polished vibe to your looks. But are bangs and fringe the same thing, you may ask! Well, there's not much difference between bangs and fringe, except that bangs sit slightly above your eyebrows, and fringe is a classic hairdo that doesn't necessarily sit straight above your eyebrows. In other words, any hairstyle that hangs over the forehead is called a fringe. 

4. 60s Hairstyles

The 60s hair trends came back in 2021, but with more vigor and some modern fusion. And having seen Gabrielle Union's new hairstyle, we're convinced that 60s hair trends are worth reviving. As you can see, volume is the main focus of most of these retro hairstyles. 

And since they have stood the test of time, consider adding some modern twist to those nostalgic hairstyles to stand out. For example, give the classic beehive a modern touch by tying your hair in a smooth and polished pony. Then, add a bit of texture to those free strands with your favorite product. 

5. Crimped Waves

Just like 60s hairstyles, crimped waves from the 80s are back in style. While those gorgeous waves are created with curling irons, they look like natural curls. The crimped hair may refresh your memories of your school days, but they undoubtedly look tasteful, sexy, and fun.

6. The Shag

The shag hairdo has historically come and gone in various forms. But with the comeback of the curtain bangs in 2021, we're seeing more hairdos transitioning into the shag dominion. More and more women are getting comfortable with short layers that conform to the head's outline and give your face a beautiful frame. This hairstyle has also become popular because it’s low-maintenance and looks perfect on almost any hair type and texture, no matter if you choose to wear bangs or go without them. 

7. Short Back and Sides

If you're looking for a pronounced cut in 2021, the short back and sides hairstyles (with a long forefront segment and some color) are the answer. It allows you to fuse the vintage pixie with a slightly more unruly vibe. This hairdo gives your hair an edgy, stylish, and polished look. And the good news is that it is a versatile hairstyle that you can easily achieve with minimal fuss.

Hottest Hairstyles
January 19, 2022
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