Everything you need to know about Seamless Hair Extensions

Looking for thicker hair that can be achieved in minutes? Our Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions can do just that!

What Are Zala Seamless Hair Extensions?

Seamless Hair Extensions are a kind of clip-in hair extensions designed to be lighter and more discreet, making them more comfortable to wear and much easier to conceal.

It has the same application method as normal Clip-ins and the same thinness and lightness as Tape-in Hair Extensions.

Why Use Zala Seamless Hair Extensions

Like regular Clip-in Hair Extensions, Seamless Extensions are easy to apply and remove. Whether it’s the One-piece Seamless Volumizer or the 9-piece Seamless Extensions, the application method is straightforward, meaning you can attach them to your hair in just a few minutes.

Additionally, Seamless Hair Extensions, as opposed to regular Clip-in Hair Extensions, have less bulky clips. This makes the extensions lighter, making it easier to forget that you’re actually wearing them!

How To Wear Seamless Hair Extensions

The ability to blend seamlessly with your natural hair is the core function of Seamless Hair Extensions. If you’re unsure of the shade you’re getting, you can use our FREE Shade Match Service. Remember, getting the right shade is essential to achieve a seamless, natural look.

How to apply 9-piece Seamless Hair Extensions:

1. Section your hair into upper and lower sections, starting at your nape. Make sure to tie or clip the upper section of your hair out of the way.
2. Get the 4-clip piece and clip it at the lower section of your hair as close to the parting as possible. Tip: Clip from the middle outwards to balance and secure the hairpiece while you clip the rest.
3. Unclip the upper section.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 as you work your way up your head. Tip: The 5-clip piece is for the longest parting across your head, just above your ears. The 2-clip pieces are for the sides above your ears. While the 1-clip pieces are for that area about an inch before your natural hair parting above your head.

How to apply the One-piece Seamless Volumizer:

1. Section your hair along the line from one ear to the other.
2. Tie the upper section in a bun.
3. Clip the volumizer on the lower section of your hair as close to the roots as possible, starting from the middle outwards.
4. Untie your bun and brush your natural hair with the extensions to blend them in better.

How To Take Care Of Your Seamless Hair Extensions

Seamless hair extensions don’t need much care aside from the occasional wash. Just like your own hair, your extensions must also be kept clean and dirt-free as much as possible.

1. Fill your sink or basin with warm water.
2. Submerge your hair extensions piece by piece in the water. Avoid swirling or doing circular motions to keep them from entangling. Just brush your hand along the strands from the roots to the tips. Tip: Fold the hairpiece's weft so you can clamp the entire base within your hand.
3. Gently spread the Zala Froth On You Shampoo with your fingers, following the direction of your strands.
4. Rinse the hairpiece. Do this for all the pieces of your hair extension.
5. Repeat the same process, this time using the Zala Smooth Talker Conditioner.
6. Carefully lay the pieces on a towel and pat dry.
7. While the hairpieces are still damp, apply a small amount of Zala Revive Me Hair Extension Treatment to keep them shiny.
8. Leave to air dry.

However, you have to remember that, unlike your natural hair, hair extensions do not produce their own oils that keep them looking healthy. This means that overwashing can decrease their lifespan. To avoid overwashing, do this only when the hair extensions start to smell, have product build-up on them, or begin to look or feel differently.

Styling Your Hair With Seamless Hair Extensions

Styling is the easiest way to blend seamless hair extensions. Flatten, or straighten, your hair first with brushing and very light heat to keep the extensions in place and hide the bumps from the clips. With your curls and waves, you can hide the difference in the length of hair strands, as well. As you can see, seamlessly worn seamless hair extensions can help you pull off that dream hairstyle!

For more tips on how to wear various Zala hair extensions, check out our blog now!
March 21, 2023
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