Everything you need to know about the Zala Volumizer

As your crowning glory, your hair deserves to look the absolute best that it can. That includes looking voluminous and lively, not flat and dull.Among all the kinds of hair extensions you can find, the Volumizer is one of the easiest to wear if you’re looking for more extra length, volume & thickness.

What is the Zala Volumizer?

The Zala Clip-in Volumizer has clips attached at the lace base of the wefts that are then attached to your strands. This type of extension is double-drawn to make them appear thicker than single-drawn extensions.

Why Use the Zala Volumizer?

Thinking of using the Zala Volumizer yourself? Here are some reasons why you might want to try it out.

1. Weight: For one, a volumizer is designed to be lighter than other hair extensions. The clips and wires included aren’t bulky either, so you’ll neither look nor feel like you’re wearing extensions.
2. Thickness: They are designed to be thicker than other hair extensions, so one piece is enough to boost your hair's much-needed volume. You just have to snap or place the hairpiece in that line area from one ear to the other.
3. Easy to apply and remove: Because you can just clip them on and off or settle them in place as you like, wearing and removing them is also very easy.

How To Use A Volumizer

Since you only have one piece to work with, you can actually apply the volumizer within 5 minutes or less.

However, since you only have one piece, this means that the difference in length between your natural hair and the hair extension may be too drastic. We recommend using a volumizer that matches your hair length, or up to 2 inches longer at most.

To Wear the Clip-in Volumizer:

1. Section your hair, parting it into upper and lower sections from ear to ear.
2. Clip the volumizer to the lower section as close to the roots as possible. Tip: Start with the middlemost clip outwards so that you have the hairpiece balanced and secured while clipping.
3. Let down the upper section of your hair and comb through it.

Using A Volumizer To Style Your Hair

A volumizer is there to do exactly what its name implies: give you more volume. Zala’s Volumizer will never fail to make your hairstyle extra memorable, extra livelier, and extra gorgeous in just a few minutes. Interested in learning more about hair extensions? Don’t forget to browse through our Zala blog!

March 22, 2023
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