Our Favourite Valentine's Hairstyles on Instagram

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


It's the day of hearts, and we're absolutely loving how everyone looks today. That's why we scrolled through Instagram's Valentine's Day posts in search of the best looks – here's a list of some of our favourite Valentine's hairstyles on Instagram!


zala valentines hair 1-cordiallyk

Light-colored hair that's peppered with even lighter highlights always looks upbeat and fun. What better way to show your carefree side to your Valentine's date than with this style? Get the look now with ZALA's Sun-Kissed Highlights!


zala valentines day 2-danimansutti

It can't be denied that sometimes, all it takes to perfect a Valentine's date is a head of smooth and silky raven tresses. There's still something about this simple yet alluring look that can get the job done in an instant. Interested in rocking this style but scared that your hair may be too frizzy or dry? Don't worry, ZALA's Jet Black Hair Extensions are here to the rescue.


zala valentines hair 3-stylemeatgoldenhour

Don't you just love the contrast of dark hair and red dress in this photo? You can get these kinky curls yourself too just by using the ZALA 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand! Guaranteed to be completely safe and easy to use! If you don't have a curling wand too though and need this done ASAP, you can also use a hair straightener to curl your hair.


zala valentines hair 5-ellemorrisxo

The right highlights can definitely change the whole look of the hair! If you've got darker hair, you can 'lighten up' your hair a bit just by using highlights. Remember to always keep your hair shiny and soft by using hair products that will protect your hair from any environmental factors that could harm it. The occasional DIY hair mask could do the trick, too!


zala valentines hair 6-iasmin_americo

A perfectly sweet photo that's more than suitable for a Valentine's Day post! As if this photo taken in front of the Notre-Dame de Paris wasn't lovely enough, there's one more thing that stands out to us in this photo: her hair! Get the look by whipping out your curling wand and using it on these Cinnamon Clip-Ins from yours truly!


zala valentines hair 7-cartiamallan

Sometimes, there's nothing a woman wants more than to show the strong, independent woman that she is to the world. Does this resonate with you? Then there's no hair color more perfect for you than Dark Chocolate Brown. Who needs a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day if you've already got a lovely shade of chocolate for your hair?


zala valentines hair 8-shanigrimmond

Valentine's Day isn't just about loving someone romantically. Many times, it's also about loving ourselves and seeing the beauty in our every imperfection – including every mismatched hair root or frizzy hair strand. Sometimes, it also means just kicking back and letting life run its course, be it in our small Australian apartment or in an exotic bathroom in Bali, Indonesia.


zala valentines hair 9-michellecrossan

If casual and preppy is more like your style, you're going to love this laidback look. Who said you had to be super put-together on Valentine's Day? Hey, even a messy half-bun can look absolutely gorgeous – if you've got the confidence to flaunt your hair, that is. Get the look now with 10" Dirty Blonde Hair Extensions from ZALA!


zala valentines hair 10-zala

Of course, we're not going to let this day pass us by either! If you'd like to see regular hair inspiration, feel free to check out (and follow) the ZALA Hair Extensions page on Instagram!

How did you enjoy your Valentine's Day? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

February 14, 2019
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