Hair Extensions Designed for YOU

Do you want personalised hair extensions designed for YOU? Then ZALAs brand new balayage tape range is perfect for you! This wide range of 'root-stretched' shades allows for seamless and customised blending.

Hair Extensions Designed for YOU

hair extensions designed for you

Why choose ZALAs balayage tape range? 

This range is perfect for blondes or anyone who dyes their hair lighter! As these tapes are designed with 2-3 inches of the darker shade right at the roots, the tapes blend in seamlessly with any regrowth or darker sections at the top of your hair. Unlike other tapes, they are completely undetectable and ultra discreet once applied. They have been designed specifically for those with darker roots. This also allows for easier styling and means the tapes will blend effortlessly when your hair is up.

hair extensions designed for youhair extensions designed for youhair extensions designed for you

They also come in an amazing range of colours which you can check out below.

hair extensions designed for you

 Chocolate Swirl: Dark Chocolate #2 / Chestnut Brown #6

This shade is a mixture of our Dark Chocolate #2 at the roots with our lighter Chestnut Brown #6. It is perfect for girls with darker brunette roots.

Butterscotch Blonde: Chestnut Brown #6 / Dirty Blonde #12

This is a gorgeous mixture of our Chestnut Brown #6 and Dirty Blonde #12 perfect for darker blondes with naturally darker roots or regrowth.

Toffee Blonde: Cinnamon #8 / Honey Blonde #18

This mixture of Cinnamon #8 and Honey Blonde #18 is perfect for warmer blondes with slightly darker natural regrowth.

Frappe Blonde: Caramel #10 / Beachy Blonde #613

This colour is perfect for girls with dyed blonde hair who are looking to blend their tapes with their darker regrowth!

Cheesecake: Dirty Blonde #12 / Beachy Blonde #613

Like our Caramel #10 and Beachy Blonde #613 this shade is perfect for those with dyed blonde hair and slightly lighter natural regrowth.

You can check out the full range and application tutorial via the video below!

And don’t forget to use #zalahairextensions when sharing your snaps!

August 02, 2018
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