Hair extensions for thick hair VS hair extensions for thin hair

When ordering your set of clip-in extensions from ZALA hair, our customers have two options of thickness. The question is: should you buy the 5 or 9 piece set? Well, we can help you decide which ZALA set is best for you! Do you need hair extensions for thin hair or do you need hair extensions for thick hair? ZALA has it covered!

5 piece hair extensions set for thin hair

Questions you need to ask yourself:

– Is my hair fine or thin?
– Does my hair thin out on the ends?
– Do I want the convenience of applying fewer pieces?
– Do I want a natural everyday look?
– Will my hair struggle to hold more than 5 rows of hair extensions?
– Will I be wearing the extensions at the same length as my natural hair to create thickness?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, then the 5 piece set is ideal for you! This is a set of hair extensions for thin hair. This 5 piece set is designed for ladies with a fine hair type. This is because you don’t want any risk of your hair extensions being visible through your hair. If your hair is not thick enough to cover more than 5 pieces, then it will be tricky to apply up to 9 rows in your hair at once.

Our 5 piece set of hair extensions for thin is the same high quality as our 9 piece sets in terms of hair quality and thickness per piece. Simply just fewer pieces!
Our 5 piece set WILL NOT be enough hair for ladies with medium – thicker hair. These sets have been thought out carefully and tried on many girls in order to find out the perfect amount of pieces for each hair type.

9 piece hair extensions for thick hair

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is my hair consistency quite thick?
  • Do I have a lot of hair?
  • Do I have a blunt haircut?
  • Is my hair all one length?
  • Do I want a full look?
  • Am I going to an event (Wedding/ formal/ Ball) where big curls or an updo is being created?
  • Am I creating much more length?


hair extensions for thick hair

If you answered YES to most of these questions then the 9 piece ZALA set is perfect for you! This set is a set of hair extensions for thick hair. They are specifically designed for ladies with medium to thick hair. This is because you want your hair to blend smoothly all the way to the ends without seeing where your natural hair ends and your extensions start. Thicker hair can hold more pieces, therefore, it won’t be an issue wearing up to all 9 rows.

Special Event

If you are planning on buying a set of ZALA extensions for a special event such as a Wedding or formal and you are going to your hairdresser to have them styled, it is absolutely recommended to go with the 9 piece set. This is because your hairdresser will be able to play around with teasing your hair and little tricks to ensure they stay covered and undetectable throughout the whole day.

If you are wanting to create big, full curls then you want enough hair to do so, therefore, our 9 piece set is best for this. Hair extensions for thick hair are not easy to come by at a great price like ZALA’s so you can be confident you are receiving a great product. We also offer Quadweft 20 & 24-inch sets for those with medium to very thick hair or who desire ultimate volume!

It may seem tricky deciding which one to go with for some. If you are unsure, we usually recommend going with the 9 piece set. This way you can use the pieces you need and save the rest for later. However, if you are especially torn, don’t hesitate to drop us a message and ask! Send through some photo’s via email or Facebook and we would love to help!

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  1. Bianca says:

    Thank Lordy I checked this. Was about to go with the 5 piece to scab on a bit of money but they would have been so so wrong for me. Loving how helpful you girls are!

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