Give Your Hair A Break: Soothing Stressed Hair

Long hours at the office, deadlines piling up, and a long list of things to do may stress you out on most days, but did you know that your hair gets stressed out too? And while it's easy to destress yourself with a wholesome cup of coffee from your favorite shop, your hair, unfortunately, rarely gets the break it deserves.

zala soothing stressed hair

Give your hair a break and soothe your stressed hair now!

How to identify stressed hair?

When you get stressed for long periods of time, your hair gets stressed out too. Stress can cause your hair to undergo both physical and chemical changes, including hair color and texture.

At first glance, stressed hair can be identified by its dry and brittle strands that break apart at every little force. It can be extremely fragile, causing hair fall and eventual hair loss. It can even look discolored or faded, depending on your hair color.

Easy tricks to de-stress stressed hair

1. Minimize stress.

The first step to de-stressing is, well, distancing the things that caused your stress in the first place. Are you stressed out by work? Try to take it easy. Stressed by all your deadlines? Breathe in, out, and start scheduling your time wisely from now on. Stressed by toxic friends on social media? Maybe it's time to step away for a while. If it's not possible to completely distance yourself from what stresses you out, make sure to reserve some relaxing 'me' time for yourself every now and then, too.

2. Observe proper diet.

Real beauty comes from within. That's what we always say here, and as you can see, it does make a lot of sense. If you want your beauty to shine through, you have to back it up with the proper nutrients and vitamins, and the best way to do that is by observing proper diet. Make sure to eat lots of food that are rich in Omega-3, Biotin, and Vitamin E, as these are the most helpful for your hair.

3. Try new hair products.

Sometimes hair products can be stressful for your hair, too! If your current hair products are no longer doing it for your hair, don't be scared to switch them out for newer, better products. Your hair deserves only the best, especially when it's at its lowest point. For best results, you've got ZALA's very own repair and restore products, guaranteed not to stress your hair out further. You can use these on both natural hair and hair extensions, so win-win!

4. Invest in quality tools and accessories.

Like we said above, stressed hair can be really fragile, so having the right high-quality tools and accessories are a must. The keyword here is high-quality – this means you shouldn't just be using any old hair straightener or curling iron out there. You need something that does the job but remains gentle and safe on your strands, like the ZALA 4-in-1 Cosmo Curling Wand, for example. And if you use hair extensions, make sure to use only 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions. They may be a bit more expensive than non-human, non-Remy hair, but no price is steep if we're talking about health.

5. Give it a rest.

Last, but definitely not the least, give your hair its well-deserved rest. While it may not be that obvious, your hair is just like the rest of your body too – it needs some time off to repair and heal itself. If you want to retain your hair's beauty, always give it enough time for some well-deserved beauty rest. You might also want to invest in silk pillowcases and beddings, as that also works wonders, not just for your hair but for the rest of your body, too.

And those are our best tips for de-stressing your stressed hair! For more hair care tips and tricks, check out our ZALA blog!

February 18, 2019
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